The unhappy Rose


Let me introduce to you: Rosa and Fee (pronounced Faye). Both were made during doll making classes given by the wonderful Ineke Gray.

Some dolls just don’t want to be pleased. Rosa, the blonde doll in the picture above, is one of them, while her sister Fee is very easygoing and happy in whichever outfit I put her in.

For some reason Rosa just isn’t happy with who she is, and as a dollmaker I can’t ignore that. I must help her become the doll she wants to be. So, she is getting a make-over. A new outfit, perhaps new hair. The thought of that already makes her eyes gleam with joy.


So, Rosa, what shall we make of you? Silk, she thinks. Ribbons and lace. Some beads, but not too many. Embroidery, but not too much. Allright Rosa, I shall oblige. Let’s see what we can make of you. Before long, you will be satisfied.

To the working table, we go. To create an outfit to please the picky princess.


To be continued!

The beginning of a journey

Hi! I am very excited to welcome you to this new website. This website is the beginning of a great doll making journey. I can’t wait to see where we’re headed!

My name is Wiske, 24 years old and I’m from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I love making waldorf inspired dolls. I also love writing and telling stories. Dollmaking and storytelling are two very related things: stories come alive through dolls, and dolls come alive through stories.

At the beginning of a new journey, and also because the new year is upon us, thinking about good intentions is a good start.

In 2014…
… I will grow as a doll maker. I will find my own style by trying out new techniques and developing my patterns further.
… I will update this website frequently so that my crafty adventures will no longer be hidden.
… I will not only write about my adventures but also share my patterns and ideas with you.
… I shall save up for a proper photo camera and I will learn how to use it.

I’m sure we’ll get there! See you soon, but for now, I wish you a very happy 2014!